Affordable Family Weddings

June 23, 2012 | Posted by Admin 0

Private Family Weddings

Are you seeking a place to have your own private wedding? Please inquire about renting our barn for your family wedding.

Rescuing Hope

January 14, 2013 | Posted by Admin 2

Rescuing Hope

Horse Rescue CT, Hope is a two year old quarter horse filly that we just adopted from the Bella’s Way Horse Rescue facility close by. She was rescued from the slaughter line and now resides here with us, at The Spirit Horse Farm. Her spirit is right with us. She is kind, gentle, patient and inquisitive. Not at all put off by the sometimes intense attention she is getting from the regulars here, including Banjo, our cocker spaniel, and Padda, the free ranging peacock. Both insist on drinking from her water trough! Her name is fitting, for she brings hope to us, to our guests, and to other equines who are being abandoned in record numbers now because of the rising cost of horse ownership.

White Dove Releases

June 4, 2012| Posted by Admin 0

White Dove Releases for Weddings, Funerals and Special Memorial Events

White Doves have throughout the ages have symbolized peace, love, joy, and the hope of a new beginning. How befitting, then, that a dove release be included in any celebration of life . . . whether it be wedding doves, a funeral, a memorial service, a christening, a confirmation, a bar mitzvah, an anniversary, a birthday, a church dedication or a new business venture . . . the possibilities are endless. Your vision is our palette, and our goal is to create a flawless dove release, custom-made . . . especially for you.


March 14,2013 | Posted by Admin 5

Season’s first Family Reunion at Spirit Horse Farm

WE ARE finally ready for our first FamilyReunion of the season! It’s always such an honor to host events here, and large or small, they are always spectacular. Still, the preparation is always more than we expect, and we know we can only blame ourselves. Private Family Events are just so much fun, who could help but get carried away in the preparations! Special thanks to everyone who finds us here and chooses to share their specia family memories with us!

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